Episode 003, Point Against Weed


Weed looses a point this week as a result of Tubesock eating an entire medicated cookie.  The unfortunate crew of the cast are taken on a journey into Timmy-Tubesock land.


Episode 002, The United States Of California


A motorcycle accident keeps Tubesock-Timmy from physically showing up at the Hippie Lair, but thanks to Skype, he’s able to call it in.  The cast discusses a hypothetical future world where weed legalization in California leads the state to become it’s own country.  Listeners interact via twitter, and Tubesock get’s his first fan.  Later, the discussion turns a bad corner to a true story about Tubesock selling his pee.


Episode 001, Being the perfect patient


The first “The Weedcast” ever!  Stoney, Sr. C, and Tubesock-Timmy talk about what NOT to do as a medical marijuana patient in California.  Tubesock-Timmy gets out of hand as the result of being fed a medicated brownie, Ghost makes a great point, and the entire cast degrades into chaos at the end.